Shreyas Shibulal

Founder & Director

Shreyas Shibulal is the Founder and Director of Entoo. An engineer and entrepreneur with a background in embedded systems, Shreyas has a deep-seated love for automobiles that developed in his childhood. This interest, coupled with a passion for achieving social impact, drove him to innovate in the clean mobility sector.

This is the purpose of Shreyas’ venture Entoo, whose purpose is to build a sustainable delivery ecosystem with a clear social impact. Entoo is also focused on providing career growth opportunities to delivery personnel.

Shreyas has fostered a strong leadership pool & extended teams, that are putting his vision into action. He has also founded Numeros Motors (2W OEM for commercial applications) and Micelio Mobility in addition to Entoo.

With 100+ Startups as members, 3000+ on-roll EV Riders, 1000+ Employees, funding in 7 startups, and a 16-acre state-of-the-art Electric Two-wheeler manufacturing setup with a production capacity of 50,000 units per annum, this is just a humble beginning towards his larger vision- that of changing the future of mobility.

He is also the Co-Chairperson, of the Core Group on Mobility as a Service (MaaS) at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and is also part of the Haverford Board of Managers, Pennsylvania, his alma mater.

Our Values ​

C A R I S E ​

C – Customer Centricity ​

A – Accountability ​

R – Reliability​ ​

I – Innovation

S – Sustainability ​​

E - Excellence ​​